Over 30/40 Questionaire

The SSWHL is considering adding a division for teams where their players are over the age of 30 (or 40), and would like to get a feel for the interest. So if you are interested in an over 30 (or 40) division, please fill out and submit this form. If you are under 30, but figure that when you reach that age, you would be interested in that division, you can still participate, just make sure you check 'Under 30'.

Thank you for your participation:

Your current age:   Not quite 30
		    Over 70

Are you currently playing in the SSWHL (if it's between seasons, and you played
last year, that would be YES:  Yes  No

If you do not currently play in the SSWHL, did you in the past? Yes  No
  If the answer was Yes, what level:  A  B  B2  C  C2  D

Would you be primarily interested in a division with players 	Over 30
								Over 40

If the league were to create an over 30/40 division, what rules with respect to age would you favor –

All players must be 30/40 or older as of Dec 31, no exceptions
All players must be 30/40 or older with the exception of the goalie
Each team will be allowed 2-3 players that are under 30/40 years old.
Only if a team was an SSWHL team the previous season would 2-3 players under 30/40 years old would be “grandfathered” in 
   so long as they were on the team the previous year. 

If you chose one of the above with exceptions, would the exceptions only be if the player was within  years of becoming 30/40. 

Realizing that if the league were to create an over 30/40 division, because of the number of players (or lack of numbers), the skill 
level within that one division might be “varied”.  Would you be interested in an over 30/40 division of that division only if it had 
more than one level.
Yes No (interested even if only one division)

If you are currently playing on an SSWHL team, please answer the following questions - 

Which division do you currently play in:  A  B  B2  C  C2  D

Does your current team have mostly over 30 players with at most, 2-3 under 30:  Yes  No

Would you leave your current team to play for an over 30 team:  Yes  No

If you wouldn’t leave your current team, would you play on an over 30 team in addition to your current team if the league 
would allow it:  Yes  No

If the team you are currently on is an over 30 team, would you like your team to play in the over 30 division?:  Yes  No

What is your current team's name:     Although optional, it's important if your team is looking 
										to enter into an over 30/40 division in our league 

If you are not currently playing in the SSWHL, would you if the SSWHL were to add an over 30/40 division?: Yes  No 

Your answers above is strictly confidential and will not be associated with the information you enter below.  The information 
below will be used only to keep you informed of over 30/40 events.

Email Address:  

Would you like to be notified of over 40 events (check all that apply):

Over 40 tournaments locally (don’t have to stay at a hotel),
Over 40 tournaments, willing to travel and stay at a hotel.
Over 40 pickup.

There is an over 40 tournament in April in Florida.  Please pass my email along to the person(s) organizing a team going to that